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stud earring

«  Flushing with tones of the sensual modern influencers: Henri Matisse to Claes Oldenburg; Henry Moore to Jeff Koons, Jean Arp to Cy Twyombly and back via Mark Rothko. An abundance of gratitude for feeding the aesthetic fire within me » KG

Oozing with gemstones so luxe, forms so pillowed, it’s a sultry silky ride through a collection we’re drooling over.

Approximate size of piece: 26x15mm (LxW).

Clean regularly in warm soapy water to remove superficial daily grime that can collect on the surface on the metal, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or towel. Buff with a silver polishing cloth to enhance the shine. Occasionally dip jewellery in a silver and gemstone cleaner and rinse thoroughly.