Payment & Security


Making a purchase

We must receive payment in its entirety for the full price quoted on the items at checkout before an order can be accepted. Once we have been notified of receipt of payment, we will email the customer with confirmation of order on the email address provided to us. Once we’ve confirmed and accepted your order, a legally binding contract is entered into between us and the customer. We accept most major credit cards with the exception of American Express. All credit card purchases must be directed to the cardholders address.


Pricing and Promotional codes

All of our prices are given in ZAR. We may occasionally offer promotional discount codes which may apply to some or any or only specific items or delivery methods on our website. These codes can only be used on full-priced items and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.


Security, your details and how we use them

Kirsten Goss web technology is hosted on a secure server using SSL technology (secure sockets layer) to ensure that all credit or debit card transactions are completely secure. With each order we receive, we use fraud checking systems as well as authentication processes before we fulfil it.

When you enter your personal information onto our website and send it to us, the secure server encrypts it all. Encryption turns the information you enter into complex code, which is then securely transmitted to our bank. For security your card information is not subsequently stored on any Kirsten Goss systems.

We take all reasonable measures to keep your personal information, order and payment details secure. However, we cannot be held liable if an event beyond our control results in loss to you.