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sterling silver necklace

Celebrating Herschel’s 100 years with this commemorative jewellery we were honoured to design for 2022.

Sir John Herschel has a special place in South African & astrological history as he chose Cape Town as the spot to place his enormous telescope and map the Southern Hemisphere constellations.

As a result we chose to use the theme of the stars and constellations as our design focus. either a single guiding star; or the Southern Cross (Crux) which has historically been one of the greatest navigation tools for explorers and adventures since early time.Available in sterling silver or electroplated in 18k gold (vermeil).Kirsten Goss is luxury, contemporary, artisanal, handmade jewellery company locally crafted in South Africa. The collection includes sterling silver (925 silver), 9k gold, 18k gold, semi-precious and precious gemstones. We specialise in unusual, sustainably and ethically made jewellery. Please contact us for bespoke jewellery queries or variations on items in this collection.

Approximate size of piece: 450×1,6 mm (LxW). Approximate size of shape within piece: 15X15 mm (LxW).

Clean regularly in warm soapy water to remove superficial daily grime that can collect on the surface on the metal, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or towel. Buff with a silver polishing cloth to enhance the shine. Occasionally dip jewellery in a silver and gemstone cleaner and rinse thoroughly.